Written by the referee: Carter, Bruce

A Humboldt State team with playoff aspirations made the long drive (about 400 miles) to the CSU-Monterey Bay campus for a game under overcast skies, but without a chill in the air.

The Lumberjacks proceeded to put a chill into the home crowd, scoring several early and seemingly easy tries, with four of their backs showing pace and penetration ability.

The Otters played true to the form they exhibited when I refereed them last month, out-scoring their opponents in the second half but still coming up short.

One problem of note, and I hope this will be read and noted throughout Pelicanland: trying to cajole a referee into violating the ethics and procedures of his profession and his organization.

A player was issued a yellow card for not-back-any when he tackled an opponent who had quickly tapped a penalty awarded about fifteen meters out from pay dirt. The tap-taker had already scored two tries and was likely to tally another should he be able to gather a head of steam. This is as cynical a penalty as you can commit, deserving of a yellow card anywhere on the pitch in my opinion, and regardless of the prowess of the players involved.

After returning to the contest, the cardee then proceeded to taunt an opponent, insulting him to his face while said opponent was conveniently being restrained by two of his own teammates against retaliation.

I reached for my yellow and then realized I’d already shown it to this guy once, so he got to see it again and then a red.

After the match I was independently approached by three different people associated with that team, each explaining the importance of that particular player to next week’s match.

All I can say is, at the time I was not aware of his importance to next week’s match, but he certainly was.

They wanted me not to report the red card.

This, I believe, is egregious enough that it should be considered a second, and much worse, offense. If it were, I would happily report it as so.

I trust that most rugby combatants appreciate that referees strive to be impartial. Would they like to participate in a key game against an opponent whose best player deserved to be sitting because of misconduct and foul play but was able to take part only because of a dishonest referee?








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