Written by the referee: Makino, Ren

A beautiful day at Negoesco Stadium (San Francisco, I brought warm clothes thinking it will be cold but it was warm). The game started 20 minutes later than scheduled at 1:20.

First 26 minutes was extremely competitive as they were tied 7 (USF) – 5 (CSUMB) at the break. 26 minutes into the half one of the CSUMB props had an ankle injury (she hurt BOTH her ankles and she has a history of injuring her ankles) and she had to have EMS come to take her off the pitch. Unfortunately, the process took around 30 minutes and the two teams had to be off the pitch by 3 pm so the first half was called early and they played a 45min.

The second half started at 2:15. USF started to shine during this half and they were faster than CSUMB. CSUMB had many missed tackles which resulted in multiple tries. A USF player high tackled and received a yellow within the first two minutes of the half. Both teams did not seem to understand the concept of coming through the gate and releasing the tackler after a tackle has been made.

Overall great playing from both teams and I really enjoyed my day at San Francisco on and off the pitch (I had a really good $40 dinner after the game).

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TimeLeagueSeasonMatch Day
12:00 pmWest Coast Collegiate Women's Division II2015-201602/13/16


University of San Francisco46


University of San Francisco
222 Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA