Written by the referee: Rauscher

The game was played on the synth turf field at Humboldt State with a crowd of about 100 cheering fans in attendance. Fresno came out strong and pretty much dominated the forwards play. Then at about 18 min into the match, Humboldt decided to shift gears and start employing their backs. The tries came like clock-work about every 4/5 min. The score at half was 41/0. Fresno never dropped their heads or gave up. They were able to get their hands back on the ball in the second half and once again displayed a very good pick and go type of offense. They were able to put up three tries in the second, matching Humboldt’s three. Each time I approached the Fresno captain towards the end of the game asking her if she would like me to call it early, her response was no. Good on her. Fresno may not have come away with a win, but a winning never say die attitude.

As a sidelight, Humboldt’s #10 Meredith Conrad-Forrest, really stood out. Her skills were great and a work rate that had her involved in seemingly every play. I asked about her after the game and her coach said that she was coming back after an injury last year, but had played for Davis girls for four years.
That was four years that have paid off.

Attended CSUMB players: 
Nancy Her
Sujeiry Guzman
Bree VandenBosch



TimeLeagueSeasonMatch Day
12:00 pmScrimmages2012-20132/2/13


Humboldt State University60
Fresno State15


Humboldt State University
E Laurel Dr, Arcata, CA 95521, USA