Senior Hanna Kim: The impact of rugby

Apr 26, 2018

By: Hanna Kim

Playing for the CSUMB Women’s rugby team has not only challenged me physically by pushing me to my limits but also has played a big role in the growth of my mentality. During my freshman year in 2014, there were less than 15 girls who participated, which resulted in all of our games ending up as scrimmages. Although the team did not compete competitively during this time, what drew me to come back every practice was the vibe that the rugby community gave off. All of the players from both the men’s and women’s team were helpful, humble, and respectful. It was more than just a team— it was a brother and sisterhood.

In 2015, we began to grow in numbers and started to play other teams in our league competitively. We made history in the books by being presented with the Outstanding Club Award of 2016 at the Student Org Awards, hosted by the Sports Club Council. In 2017, the team traveled outside of the state for the first time and participated in the NSCRO Pacific West Coast Championship, placing 2nd. We also hosted a 7s tournament for the first time with 8 other competing teams, who came all the way from Santa Clara to Santa Barbara. In 2018, we continue on to compete in the NSCRO playoffs which would mean we can advance on to bigger competition if we won against Western Oregon University—the otters won that game.

Reflecting on my team from the past 4 years has been mind-blowing. Not only have I grown, but I realize that many of the other players have grown as well. As this team grows each year, we learn what works for the team and what doesn’t. Keeping this in mind, we pass on the wisdom to the new players who come in to fill in our shoes and I know I can graduate with confidence knowing the team is in good hands.

By: Hanna Kim


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