Jacob Shull on CSUMB Rugby

Apr 9, 2018

By: Jacob Shull
I have always enjoyed sports. When I transferred to CSU Monterey Bay, I knew I wanted to join something. I chose Rugby because I wanted the sense of family while away from home. Playing Rugby was the best choice. Not only is the sport itself absolutely thrilling, the players are all first class. I love playing Rugby with these guys because whether we win or lose, we have fun. Rugby builds discipline and trust. I have to trust that the other guys out there have my back and will play their hearts out. We are a team. We win and lose together. What I truly love about this sport and this team, is when we are not playing games, or practicing, we normally all keep in contact and have each other’s back on and off the field. If a player needs help, there is no hesitation in shouting it out to other players. There have been multiple occasions when I have been in need and my brothers will gladly help me. I have the highest respect and love for this team. “We’re all we got. We’re all we need.”
By: Jacob Shull


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Our practice and game field:

CSUMB's Student Recreation Field.The field is located at the SE part of the intersection between 4th Ave and 8th street.