James Goddard

Apr 8, 2018

Played for CSUMB: Fall 2017
Major: Cyber Security
Coaches: Steve Ball
Email: jgoddard@csumb.edu

1. What are you up to today? Is rugby still a part of your life?
No, I don’t play in Australia.

2. What is your best memory of CSUMB Rugby?
I went in to tackle this huge guy and I got flattened and I walked off and the team just congratulated me for going in for a tackle that not many people would.

3. What would you say were your greatest athletic, academic accomplishments and/or coaching accomplishments during your time with CSUMB Rugby?
I got really fit and I had a really good workout schedule. I made some really good mates as well.

4. How would you describe the CSUMB rugby environment while you were involved? For example socially and/or competitively etc?
The organisation at CSUMB is still developing and the Seniors are putting in the hard work to support the rugby team, but it definitely still needs work. Socially the team is very close, supporting each other outside of rugby as well.

5. What piece of advice would you have for current CSUMB ruggers? Academically or rugby-related?
Boysa don’t be skipping practice. Coach Carter (I know his name is stevoo) puts in the hard work so that you guys can get the W. Find a good balance with your study and rugby life, and really enjoy playing as a team, it is a lot of fun when everyone works together. And you know communicate!!!

6. If you can recall, why did you choose to join CSUMB Rugby?
I wanted to be apart of a team and the Rugby team gave that to me. I also really wanted to be apart of the US sport experience.

7. How did your athletic involvement aid in the path that you chose following graduation?
I still haven’t graduated yet, but it has given me the motivation to have a good and regular schedule that I workout because it really was beneficial to my lifestyle. It has given me the ability to find a good balance in my life.


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